Year 3 Residential at Conkers

Year 3 have had an extremely busy week! We have been away on our residential at Conkers and not only have we had fabulous time, the weather was also fabulous! We went kata-canoeing, built dens and made campfires, swung our way around the low-ropes, became code-breakers while orienteering, went on a barefoot walk and enjoyed a 4D cinema experience!

A fantastic time was had by all!

Year 3 Residential 2017 from Mr Miller on Vimeo.

Fly me to the moon

Year 3 have been continuing to create accurate models of the moon in Science this week by giving their papier mache balloons some colour. We looked at different images of the moon, discussed the colour and the deatil we could see and tried to recreate it using different shades and brush sizes.

We have also started learning about the space race and who the first human to go into space was.

Hukuna Matata Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed an exciting workshop this week as we had a special visitor all the way from the West End, who taught the boys about sound walls, using our bodies to make safari animals and sang a brilliant song from the hit film ‘The Lion King’! Enjoy!

Hukuna Matata from Mr Miller on Vimeo.

In Maths, the pupils were also learning about turns and directional language using Beebots.

Year 3 Roman Day!

Year 3 had an amazing time when they traveled back in time to become Romans for the day. Through lots of exciting and creative activities, they learnt all about life in Roman Britain and some of the things the Romans did for us!

Year 3 are off to the Moon!

Our topic in Science this half term is ‘SPACE! We are Astronauts!’ This week in our Science lessons we have been making our own models of the Moon using balloons, newspapers and lots of glue! It was really messy when sticking the newspaper onto the balloon!

What’s in the box?

This week in History, Year 3 were sent a mysterious box and inside were lots of different artifacts.  They had to become archaeologists and examine the artifacts to find out what life may have been like during Roman times.

What do you think they are?

Name that shape

This week Year 3 have been learning about 3D shapes in our Maths lessons. We learnt the names of some of them, discussed their properties and had a go at making our own 3D shape models using Polydron. We had a lot of fun!