Hukuna Matata Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed an exciting workshop this week as we had a special visitor all the way from the West End, who taught the boys about sound walls, using our bodies to make safari animals and sang a brilliant song from the hit film ‘The Lion King’! Enjoy!

Hukuna Matata from Mr Miller on Vimeo.

In Maths, the pupils were also learning about turns and directional language using Beebots.

Year 3 Roman Day!

Year 3 had an amazing time when they traveled back in time to become Romans for the day. Through lots of exciting and creative activities, they learnt all about life in Roman Britain and some of the things the Romans did for us!

Fractions galore

This week in Maths, we have been learning about fractions! We have learnt what a fraction is, names of fractions and how to find out fractions of objects.  We really enjoyed our lessons!

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What’s in the box?

This week in History, Year 3 were sent a mysterious box and inside were lots of different artifacts.  They had to become archaeologists and examine the artifacts to find out what life may have been like during Roman times.

What do you think they are?

Name that shape

This week Year 3 have been learning about 3D shapes in our Maths lessons. We learnt the names of some of them, discussed their properties and had a go at making our own 3D shape models using Polydron. We had a lot of fun!

What a busy week in Year 3!

This week Year 3 have enjoyed making their own compass in Science using a bowl of water, a plastic lid and a bar magnet! They were all able to locate where North was but they had to make sure their compass was not near any metal.

The children also were getting creative with their colour mixing in Art and learning which paint brush is best to use. They used our brand new iPads to research different colours and patterns of colourful fish to paint on their own clay fish.  They had a great time in their lesson.

The children have also been doing some super description work in their English lesson, finding out facts about the Kennedy Space Centre in Geography on the iPads as well as handling money to buy different things in Maths.

Well done this week Year 3!

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Something fishy is going on in Year 3

In our Art lesson over the last 2 weeks we have been learning about mark making, patterns, shading and mono-printing through drawing fish! We particularly enjoyed this week as we used different coloured pastels which were very messy, but made our work look beautiful at the end.

What do you think?

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