The Eagle has Landed

This week Year 3 have been designing and making their own Moon Lander models as part of their Space topic.  They investigated whether or not the astronaut (marshmallow) would fall out the capsule on landing and what forces were occurring.

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STEM Week in Year 3

Year 3 have had a really busy STEM week being very technical engineers making rockets both big and small, creating papier mache moon models, writing creative stories where the pupils had to imagine they were visiting a strange new word and designing space symmetrical patterns using Weave Silk. Here are some of our highlights from the week.

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Down on the Farm

This week, Year 3 went to visit New Farm, Redhill to find out all about farming in the present day! We learnt that farmers are very important and grow all of our food. We had a super tour from John and Sally who ran the farm and found out that they supply lots of vegetables to Aldi! We went on a tractor ride, a nature hunt, explored mini-beasts, harvested cabbage, parsnips and rhubarb as well as doing some clay art on a tree that looked like Mr Miller and Mr Crossland. We had a fantastic day out!

Viking day!

Year 3 took part in a Viking Day this week, learning a variety of skills and activities in several interactive workshops. They all had a lot of fun learning about what life was like as a viking!

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¡Hace sol! Outdoor learning in MFL / Spanish with Year 3

Now that the hot, sunny weather has arrived, Year 3 have taken their lessons outside this week.  They have been taking part in some active learning in Spanish, practising sentence structure in questions and answers, revising days of the week (and their correct order) as well as learning how to say ‘I like’ and ‘I don’t like’ in Spanish.  It was a lot of fun, and the boys demonstrated how much they had learned by producing some great sentences at the end of the lesson!

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Planting with Year 1 and Year 5

The children had a super afternoon sharing their knowledge on plants. The Year 5 children walked down to Lovell House and were greeted by several Year 1 pupils eagerly waiting to show them their planting! The Year 1’s are growing Chilli and Bean plants and advised the Year 5’s on the best way to grow them. Year 5 were pleased to be able to plant their own seeds with the help of the Year 1’s. We ended the session with the Year 5’s naming the parts of a plant and explaining the function of each.

A excellent session enjoyed by all!

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Year 3 trip to the BGS is ‘rocking’!

Last week, Year 3 went to the British Geological Survey in Keyworth and enjoyed learning all about rocks, as part of their Science topic ‘Earth Rocks’. The boys took a trip through time to the beginning of the earth and witnessed how it was formed, they found out how earthquakes occur and even created their own using a seismograph, panned for gold and learnt about lots of fossils from over 200 million years ago! The boys had a great morning out.

Year 3 trip to the BGS on PhotoPeach

by Mr Miller

Yr 6 Science

This week in Science, the Yr 6 boys have been busy investigating how the length of wire affects the brightness of a bulb. The boys have thoroughly enjoyed working in groups using scientific equipment from the Senior School. I have been very impressed at the quality and level of scientific understanding of the boys. Well done!

wire length                                      wire length 2


Yr 5 Space Centre-Leicester

On the 29th of April 2014, Year 5 went to the National Space Centre to complement our current topic of Earth, Sun and Moon. When we arrived, we split up into two groups, 5S and 5A. 5S went to watch a film about astronauts in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium (a theatre) first. Then 5A went to the Sun, Earth and Moon workshop. As I was in 5S, I went to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium.

The film was about the training of astronauts, life in space and the bad things that could happen to you in space. Afterwards, we did some research in our groups about our allocated planet. My group’s planet was Mercury.

After short time in the galleries, we went to the Tranquility Base (which was my favourite) where we learnt more about astronauts. Also we could do many interactive activities, such as putting essential items into a rocket or controlling the amount of food and water and humidity in a rocket. In order to activate each activity, we had to using our ticket, scan the barcode and then it would activate. I thought this was quite cool!

Soon after, we went to a room to eat lunch. When we finished, 5S went to do some more research while 5A watching the astronaut film in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium.

Next we went to different floors of the space centre, such as ‘‘Leaving Earth” or ‘‘Destination Moon” where we watched a funny film of scientists arriving on the moon by being shot in a large shuttle.

Finally, 5S went to the Sun, Earth and Moon workshop. We had a quiz to learn a bit about the sun, the earth and the different phases of the moon. I was one of the people who got the answer right when the guide asked a question about the moon.

This was a fantastic trip, also was definitely an eventful day! I enjoyed this trip enormously. Many thanks to Mrs. Sethi for arranging this trip for us also thank you for the teachers who accompanied us.

By William Chang 5S


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